Saturday, April 24

My New ALbUm ReCoRd

Helloo All!

I ALready made a Music Album!
A music based on Alternative Rock genre, Punk Rock, Hip-Hop Rock, that
made from FL STUDIO!!!

This is my aLbum Image and the Track Listing!

Song Titled-----------------------------Length
1. A Reject No Respect------------------00:04:12
2. Blessing-----------------------------00:04:10
3. Dedicated----------------------------00:02:55
4. On 47--------------------------------00:02:32
5. Don't Ignore Me----------------------00:03:04
6. Wrong Way----------------------------00:03:06
7. Mercy Revealed-----------------------00:04:05
8. Count It ( Bonus Track )-------------00:02:38

FrEe Preview For Track ' On 47 '

Just Sent Message to mY e-maiL if You like

Wednesday, April 21

dia bah

kenapa bah ko bgini, sia xtau gia... hehehe... percubaan ba ni mw letak p sana google kajap ja.... maw delete jg nnti... hehe